Inside: Developmental Writing Workshop

We sat down with instructor, and New York Times Bestselling Author, Judy Mandel for an in-depth look into the upcoming Developmental Writing Workshop

You’ve referred to the workshop as “experiential” – can you elaborate on what that means to you?

Another way to explain “experiential workshop”—of the experience—is that it is generative—helping writers generate new work that can be applied to projects in progress or to begin new projects that the writing prompts inspire. The writing prompts and assignments have been culled from those that have yielded extraordinary results from writers in previous workshops held by these instructors. Kaylie Jones has over 25 years experience teaching writing at a graduate level. We have been teaching workshops together for going on four years.

What sort of work can writers hope to generate while at workshop?

Writers may come out with a totally whole new piece or chapter for an ongoing project—or they may light on an idea through the writing prompts for a future project.

Other than workshop, what are some things our writers will learn at the Developmental Writers Workshop?

Through discussion of their own work, and that of other writers in the workshop, writers will learn about point of view, use of flashback, and narrative arc—to name just a few points of craft that are discussed.

How did you develop this model?

This model of generative, experiential workshop was developed through experimenting with several different teaching methods in a workshop setting.

Can you talk about the success you’ve seen writers have as a result of this model?

Many workshop attendees in the past have published their essays that were first drafted in one of the workshops.

Any other things you wish potential writers to know about the workshop and why they should apply:

We promise you that this will be unlike any other workshop experience you have ever attended. Our workshops never fail to produce a community of writers who find strength in bonding with their tribe while building their craft.

For more information on the Developmental Writers Workshop, click here. To apply now, click here.

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