New Harmony

Location Matters for Writers

Writers seek inspiration in many forms. We have found that the location for a writing retreat makes all the difference to the experience for our writers. New Harmony offers a unique mix of peaceful calm, beauty and contemplative space that is well suited to a writer’s needs.

Some Background About New Harmony

New Harmony, Indiana, (Population 915) is a small historic town located on the Wabash River in southwestern Indiana. During the early part of the 19th century, New Harmony was the site of two attempts to establish utopian communities. The first, Harmonie (1814-1825), was founded by the Harmonie Society, a group of Separatists from the German Lutheran Church.

Today, residents and tourists alike enjoy the slower pace of the town’s opportunities for dining, shopping for antiques, visiting art galleries, and admiring the quaint surroundings where even the architecture pays tribute to a blend of the past and future. New Harmony has become known for its many gardens, sculptures, restored historic buildings and public spaces designed for quiet contemplation and spiritual renewal.

Visitors from all over the world come to experience the town’s legacy of creative endeavor which has spanned nearly 200 years. They discover a distinctive rural village, where the simple wooden structures of the Harmonists, blend with modern architectural masterpieces on quiet tree-lined streets. Local preservationists and town officials acted early on to secure control in the public interest over substantial parts of the town’s central Historic District, thus creating a village museum and preservation project that has been a center for culture and learning.

Recharging Your Creative Juices

When you are not writing or attending the workshop, you can relax with some of the unique experiences offered in the town. Here are some:

Secret Gardens

Walk the secret gardens or the meditative labyrinths of the many free public gardens.  The first utopian hopefuls here cultivated a deep gardening heritage that is still the heartbeat of the town. There is even an app to help you navigate your garden tour. Or check the website for more information on the gardens here.


If art inspires you, there are plenty of opportunities in New Harmony to visit galleries and studios. Check out a listing and walking tour here.


Don’t miss out on the self-guided architectural tour of the town.


If you are looking for some options for recreation while you figure out a plot twist for your novel, you may want to try horseback riding, boating, tennis, fishing or the nearby hiking trails.

Music and Theatre

Music and theatre are also alive and well in New Harmony. Check out the calendar of events.


We also happen to know several writers who like to shop, and they will not be disappointed. Take a look.

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Source: Official Site of New Harmony Town Government